Ali Awan

Calm and composed, an effective listener and driven by his motivation to get to the roots of a problem, Ali has a steadiness that few can achieve.

Ali has a curious mind that protects him from the trappings of self-righteousness and overconfidence. Encapsulating the true essence of diagnostics, he believes in exploring each aspect and angle of an issue before forming his opinion. This sense of balance comes from the many experiences he has had as a traveler. He is well aware of the factors that impact different people’s behaviour which in turn form their perspectives on life.

Ali’s sophistication on the inside is well reciprocated on the outside as well. Ali possesses an immaculate aesthetic sense, which makes him the unofficial Fashion Consultant of the Carnelian team.

Ali lived in the United Kingdom for three years and completed his Masters degree from Cardiff University. He is currently based in Carnelian’s Lahore hub, partnering with clients in the areas of Cultures, Future Planning and Learning. Some of the clients he has worked with are Nestlé, Pepsi, Mayfair, AkzoNobel, Packages and Ericsson.

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