Ali Syed

An explorer at heart, Ali experiments with ideas and is always abuzz with solutions, particularly in the areas of Culture and Communication.

Ali Syed personifies intelligence, humility and wit. It is his uncanny ability to express his thoughts and reflections effortlessly that stands him in a good stead. A foodie at heart, Ali is the resident “Masterchef” at Carnelian.

A background in journalism coupled with training in Economics and Mathematics has enabled Ali to analyze situations from different viewpoints, thus creating a holistic understanding of context. An MBA from the Lahore University of Management Sciences has only enhanced his analytical abilities.

Ali came to the field of Communication after experimenting with multiple career choices and academic disciplines. He is a firm believer in the idea that an organization is only successful as long as its people are satisfied and motivated. As a Consultant, he has partnered with organizations such as Engro Powergen, Mobilink, Continental Biscuits, Waseela Bank and Inbox Technologies. He has also written case studies aimed at highlighting issues arising in fledgling dairy businesses and has a special interest in the Dairy Sector of Pakistan.

A commanding presence, an enthusiasm for food and a penchant for discussing left-field ideas is what lends Ali Syed a remarkable personality. He was born in Karachi but since he spent six years in Lahore, he considers himself one-third Lahori.

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