Amanullah Haneef

A keen researcher and an avid observer, Amanullah combines his passion for Economics and Human Behavior to bring unique value to the projects he is part of.

Coming from a background in research, Amanullah brings his data-driven and analytical approach to a wide variety of projects. In line with his interests, he is currently working on a research project with a Japanese consulting firm. During his time at Carnelian he has also worked with myriad organizations, including KAPCO, Shell, Engro Vopak, Servis and Sourcing Solutions.

Amanullah got his Bachelor’s degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences, majoring in Economics. Before joining Carnelian, he worked with academics from LUMS, International Growth Center (IGC) and University of California , San Diego along with the government of Punjab on various projects aimed at designing innovative solutions for state departments of Livestock, Health and Dairy.

Amanullah spends his leisure time playing football or reading books. He keeps himself informed about up and coming theories in the fields of philosophy, economics, political economy and development. Through his research, Amanullah aspires to help emancipate organizations from their problems, strive towards growth and, in turn, benefit the economy.

Amanullah has recently worked with:

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