Asif Khan

Asif personifies dignity, belief and boundless energy. A philosopher at heart and a seasoned trainer in craft, he assimilates systems thinking with action orientation to create shared value for clients.

“Propounding peace and love without practical or institutional engagement is delusion, not virtue.”

This Hegelian phrase aptly captures what Asif stands for. An avid reader, deep thinker and on a life long journey of soul searching. His canvas of knowledge is vast, ranging from ancient Chinese wisdom to modern literature on organizational psychology and associated individual mindsets. This deep understanding allows him to constantly infuse energy into the spirits of his team and peers.

Asif’s gifts of introspection are intertwined with his immaculate sense of analytics and structures. Asif went to the University of Warwick for a Masters degree in Project Management, an experience that has helped him master the art of translating thoughts and ideas into meaningful action and execution.

He commands respect at Carnelian for his successful execution of projects with utmost dedication, skill and perseverance. He has had a variety of experiences in the business as well as academic world, from having worked in the textile industry through his family business to serving as visiting faculty at the Institute of Business Management Karachi, where he taught a course on Supply Chain Management to the MBA class.

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