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Ayesha Munir

Ayesha has a natural tendency to question the best of plans and is someone who would never settle for mediocrity.

An image of a calm sea can be used to best describe Ayesha Munir; just as that still surface of a silent ocean has the ability to turn into massive waves in an instant, Ayesha is someone who can switch from being a quiet listener and thinker, to being a high-energy free spirit moving in a boundless realm of possibilities.

A pragmatic and observant person, Ayesha is able to identify and highlight the tiniest of flaws in any system. She has a natural tendency to question the best of plans and as such is someone who would not be easily sold on an idea; in other words, she would never settle for mediocrity. Her keen observational skills coupled with her genuine interest in people allow her to develop very intriguing understandings of society as a whole. The fact that she is able to easily communicate and effectively connect with people from all walks of life simply adds to this capability.

Adding to her diverse experience is the time she spent in Lahore while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Anthropology from the Lahore University of Management Sciences. Prior to joining Carnelian, Ayesha was involved in Student Development at The Froebel’s School where she taught a course on Character Building.

Ayesha pursued her interest in understanding different people by being part of AIESEC, where she handled Talent Management. Her time at AIESEC allowed her to not only interact with students and local organizations, it also provided her with the opportunity to understand cultures and people from around the world.

As a Consultant, Ayesha has had the opportunity to work with organizations such as Reckitt Benckiser, United Energy, Waseela Bank, Engro Foods, Engro Fertilizer and L’Oreal.

Ayesha has recently worked with:

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