Fahad Amin

Incredibly energetic and highly motivated, Fahad brings a unique dimension to both his work and to our team.

If you asked Fahad to introduce himself, he would likely tell you that he is ‘a form of energy’. We couldn’t agree more. Often seen prancing around our Karachi hub (or our other hubs when he’s visiting), he is always abuzz with new ideas. And he doesn’t stop there. Enter his relentless drive for successful execution.

Fahad is passionate about working with people and enabling them to realize their potential. Habitual introspection gives him the ability to connect opposing ideas and to relate to others. Moreover, his enthusiastic approach brings a unique perspective to business issues. His various entrepreneurial adventures have enabled him to add value to a variety of technical and service-oriented ventures.

These experiences and qualities combine to make him a remarkably resilient professional who is always looking for ways to add value to business and society. Fahad joined the Carnelian team through the Shell Superstars program and since then he has worked on large-scale engagement initiatives and conferences with Nestle, Matco Foods, PSO, ICI Pakistan and Adamjee Life.

Fahad has recently worked with:

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