Mustafa Shahbaz

A firm believer in the power of passion, Mustafa has made it his life’s goal to inspire the same energy and zeal that he has for his work, in everyone he comes in contact with.

Mustafa Shahbaz is the quintessential people’s person who has earned the affection of many through his empathy, modesty, competence, and determination. At Carnelian, he is fondly called “the Magnet”, as he effortlessly connects with people and builds friendships.

Mustafa wears many hats at Carnelian. As a Facilitator, he is entrusted with challenging assignments thanks to his superpowers of high energy and authentic expression. When engaged in Consulting assignments, he brings out his inner mathematician by explaining organizational dynamics through equations and then solving those by changing the variables. Mustafa is fascinated by observing cultures and the way they are formed, as this enables him to develop a strong understanding of organizational structure, processes and strategy.

A graduate of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Mustafa taught at Headstart School for a year before going on to pursue a Master’s degree in Management from Bradford University, where he also worked with Save the Children. This breadth of exposure has cemented his belief in the idea that race or background hardly matter in human engagement.

Mustafa has worked extensively with Engro, Mobilink, ICI, Shell and Unilever among other clients. The fact that his clients engage him regularly is testament to his ability to consistently add value. Mustafa’s areas of expertise include Customer Services, Relationship Building, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Team Building.

He also possesses significant experience working in the areas of sales and customer service. Recently, he worked with Telenor on a project focusing on sales training for Regional and Assistant Sales Managers. He has also worked with Nestlé, Haleeb Foods and Chevron on similar themes.

The eldest of three siblings, Mustafa comes from a family of doctors and as is the norm in Pakistan, many think that he also knows a thing or two about medicine. Mustafa is an adventurous soul and can be found hiking on one of the various treks in Islamabad, his hometown.

Mustafa has recently worked with:

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  • Nestle LogoPTC Logo
  • Pakistan State OilNovo Nordisk Logo
  • Pepsi LogoEmirates Logo
  • Telenor Logowi-tribe Logo
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  • Fatima Group LogoFauji Fertilizers
  • Haleeb Foods LogoHUBCO Logo
  • MOL LogoZong Logo

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