Personal Mastery

The gift of success in the modern world is wrapped up by focus, consistency, fearlessness, drive and determination. As individuals, fighting day to day battles, we lose sight of these elements and therefore do not live the life we aspire for. Take charge of your performance and own your goals! This program, through concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistics, will help you break the self-created barriers and gather momentum towards winning each day.

Key Learnings

  • Define your goals accurately
  • Break mental barriers and maintain focus
  • Inspire yourself and shape behavior through neuro-linguistics
  • Use stories and language to program an achievement mindset
  • Deform and form habits for continuous improvement
  • Build trust in yourself and others
  • Build credible relationships

The Facilitator

When: October 27, 2017
Where: Lahore
Investment: Rs 16,000 (inclusive of all taxes)