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Zain Baloch

Zain’s problem solving attitude and humble personality distinguish him from the crowd. A dependable, action-oriented individual, he brings positive energy to the team.

Zain started his professional journey with the motto “Dream big and turn all your dreams into reality”. He works as an Associate with Carnelian and is based in our Multan hub. He completed his Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bahauddin Zakariya University. Zain has a strong background in the Learning and Development Industry and has over four years of experience in Youth Motivation, Training, and Public Speaking.

In the past he has worked with The Dramatics and Debates Clubs of Bahauddin Zakariya Univeristy, Jaago Naujawan Youth Organization, Youth Peace Delegation to India, and the British Council. He enjoys traveling and has attended several conferences, seminars, and trainings.

Zain has a strong foundation in leadership with many experiences in leadership roles at different organizations. At Carnelian, he is Mr. Responsible and is admired for his commitment and dedication for his passion. He is a strong believer in the power of imagination and hard work.

Zain has recently worked with:

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