Abbas Rana

Abbas is a herald for personal effectiveness, inter-departmental relationships, corporate strategy and leadership.

With his positive demeanor and a remarkable display of grace under pressure, Abbas Rana has a ubiquitous influence around the workplace at Carnelian.

By studying people throughout history and gaining multi-vision perspectives into the mechanics of life, Abbas has acquired a passion for the complex; hierarchies that lead to the rise and fall of organizations and their macro-level impacts on everyday life.

Hailing from Faisalabad, Abbas went to the Lahore University of Management Sciences and acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. An enterprising individual, Abbas took the initiative of introducing new courses like Global Perspectives at Beacon House School where he worked prior to joining Carnelian. Gifted with an erudite vision, he is a wizard at grasping the ‘bigger picture’ and predicting longer term impacts of geo-political situations.

As a Consultant, Abbas is a herald for personal effectiveness, inter-departmental relationships, corporate strategy, and leadership. Always setting wheels into motion, he does not hesitate before undertaking challenging tasks and makes use of his keen insight to come up with apt solutions and effective decisions. His unique persona is further whetted by his unparalleled vision into rural and urban mentalities and by him having developed a flexible personality as a result of extensive travels within Pakistan and abroad.

Able to communicate fluently in a variety of languages, Abbas connects with people on a personal level and has a natural ability to blend in. With his academic background and teaching experience, Abbas wishes to dive deeper into issues that plague the public and corporate sectors of Pakistan.

Having an exclusive flair for debate, Abbas takes a keen interest in the paradigm of ‘modernity vs. tradition’. He is an avid reader, an appreciator of the simple things in life and an enthusiast of history and politics.

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