Asif Khan

Asif’s conceptual depth complements his versatility in delivery, making him a well-rounded facilitator for a variety of topics and audiences.

Asif believes that in every individual lies a great creative power, one that has been diluted due to the unnatural restrictions of day-to-day life. His mission is to help people free themselves from a short-sighted mindset and discover a vision that is farther than just tomorrow and wider than just themselves.

His core areas of strength include value rollouts, sales and service, influence and relationships, self-development, self-leadership, and communication and presentation skills. Asif is as comfortable working with senior executives as he is with factory-floor workers. This versatility is further complemented by his knack for creating insightful, relatable and engaging content.

He has worked with a variety of local and multinational companies, in industries including FMCG, petroleum, automotive, telecom & IT, energy, pharmaceutical and publishing. Asif has also worked extensively on international assignments — from contextualizing and rolling out global learning programs for local audiences, to working in collaboration with international consultants on topics as diverse as communication skills, emotional intelligence and sales.

Asif is on a life-long journey of learning. He has an extensive library; he distils ideas from multiple disciplines — including philosophy, religion, culture, literature, management, history, neuroscience and psychology — and shares them through his blogs and videos on social media.

Asif has a Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Warwick. He loves to travel and experience different cultures.

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