Distressed to De-stressed

There is a thin line between being ‘productive’ and being ‘stressed’. In our day-to-day lives, consumed by the demands of the rat race we are in, many a times we cross this line, and in the process, we end up hurting ourselves. Stress is not necessarily bad and this program aims to highlight this fact by addressing four aspects of stress: what it is, what it does to us, what causes it, and how to manage it.

This program is for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of work he/she has to do everyday, especially people who work in teams; people managers as well as individual contributors.

Key Learnings

  • Understand and anticipate the causes of stress
  • Realize how stress affects us
  • Discover tools and strategies to manage stress

The Facilitator


When: September 14, 2017
Where: Karachi
Investment: PKR 10,000 (inclusive of taxes)