Maheena Achakzai

With an analytical approach and a keen understanding of the human side of business, Maheena brings a unique perspective to all projects that she’s part of.

An unconventional nerd with an inquisitive mind, Maheena ensures that there is perfection in her approach to overcome any challenge. It is because of this passion for turning challenges into opportunities that, in a short span of time, she has been able to win the hearts of many clients by delivering projects with great precision.

She worked in the telecommunication and financial services industry prior to joining Carnelian, while she was still completing her bachelor’s degree. At Carnelian, she has worked on cultural transformation, change management and organisational development projects with a wide range of clients.

Maheena earned a BSc (Honors) with a major in Accounting and Finance from LUMS. She has also completed CFA Level 1 from CFA Institute, and is a candidate for Level 2. Hailing from the beautiful valley of Quetta, Maheena moved to Islamabad and later to Lahore to pursue her education. She is currently based in Islamabad.

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