Mustafa Shahbaz

A firm believer in the power of passion, Mustafa has made it his life’s goal to inspire the same energy and zeal that he has for his work, in everyone he interacts with.

Perpetually fascinated by people and the motivations of their actions, Mustafa’s passion to understand and explain human behavior is one of his defining characteristics. He believes that most challenges faced by people in their personal and work lives can be addressed by understanding the core premise of ‘why people do what they do’. Mustafa’s inner mathematician is certain that everything can be explained and solved using equations, including living a good life and becoming a better version of oneself. Helping people see that, he feels, is his life’s purpose.

With 8 years of experience in the learning and development industry, Mustafa has worked with a wide array of companies in diverse industries. The fact that his clients engage him repeatedly is a testament to his ability to deliver value consistently. His areas of expertise include neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence, leadership development, sales, customer service, communication, and team building.

Mustafa is always looking for opportunities to help organizations build human-centric systems and processes for continuous development of their people. This in turn creates an environment that leads to consistent results.

Born, raised and currently based in Islamabad, Mustafa lives with his wife and parents. He is a graduate of LUMS and Bradford Management School. In his spare time, he enjoys trekking on Islamabad’s various hiking trails.

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