The Coaches’ Playbook

The Coaches’ Playbook is a complete toolkit that utilizes the principles of brain based coaching and the GROW model which will enable you to stretch and think beyond self-imposed performance boundaries, in order to explore thousands of opportunities for growth.

Who should attend:

Professionals, team leads (both current and potential) and individuals that not only seek inspiration but also hope to inspire others to achieve their goals and live up to their true potential.

Key Learnings

  • The neuroscience behind unleashing the immense human potential, and sustainable positive transformation
  • Breaking mental and social blocks by challenging old thought patterns
  • Brain rewiring through the power of habit
  • Crafting strategies and action plans for growth
  • Enabling others to use the current realities as a spring board and achieve an Aha! moment

The Facilitators

Registration Details

When: October 19, 2017
Where: Karachi
Investment: TBA