Muhammad Ali

Ali is a Consultant who focuses on structures, dynamics and philosophies that have an impact on the workplace and individuals. His experience with diverse organizations and people has helped shape his unique view on leadership.

At Carnelian, Muhammad Ali is the resident analyst, solution generator and mentor for team members, friends and clients. Hailing from Multan, a city famous for its history of producing spiritual philosophers, Muhammad Ali represents the perfect amalgamation of friendliness and thoughtfulness.

Ali has had a love affair with the written word since his youth. Owing to his diverse experiences, Ali is one of our most demographically versatile consultants – able to empathize with factory workers in Daharki, exchange ideas with the Marketing team of a telecom giant in Islamabad and impart interviewing skills to university students.

A Senior Consultant with Carnelian, his outlook on life is influenced by the likes of Imam Ghazali, Allama Iqbal, Henry Mintzberg, Ricardo Semler and entrepreneurs like Muhammad Sohail of Zuflah Tents. He considers himself a student of Alterative Business Management Concepts, Communication, Social Psychology and Change Management.

Muhammad Ali obtained his MBA from LUMS.

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