Enabling people to learn new, relevant skills and shed disempowering thoughts.

The need for learning has never been as profound as it is presently. Not only do people want to learn new skills but also how to shed disempowering thoughts. It is in this context that we have been driving a learning movement in the nation to aid people to reach greater levels of effectiveness. Our entrenchment with clients; their anxieties, aspirations, history and context, enables us to design and deliver solutions that create the difference.

Learning is a core function at Carnelian. Our Trainers bring together diverse experience, skills and specialties so we can offer a complete range of Learning solutions to our partners. From skill-based trainings, cultural workshops, and team retreats, we have the experience and capacity to facilitate different kinds of audiences. Our pedigree is punctuated with the spirit of experimentation and we like to test the new to become even more effective.

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Shell Super Star

Enabling Shell's transformation from a pure commodity company to an experience delivery company.

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