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Shireen Naqvi

Shireen’s passion for uplifting the human spirit, coupled with her dutiful sense of discipline, makes her a source of transformative inspiration for everyone around her.

It is not often that you come across a personality who is so widely trusted, loved, respected and renowned for empathy and reliability. With a Pakistani-German family heritage, Shireen Naqvi has been gifted with the ability to connect with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and social strata. Her patience, wisdom and visible sincerity make her the mentor that many go to for advice and guidance. She is an individual who defines the contours of ZIKR – the Carnelian values of Zeal, Integrity, Kudos and Renewal.

A Senior Consultant at Carnelian, Shireen is regularly invited by clients across Pakistan for challenging assignments, where her exposure to multi-cultural audiences has helped build her deep understanding of the human psyche.

Shireen’s focus areas include Personal Development and Visionary Leadership. She excels in the field of Emotional Intelligence and aims to use her conceptual and practical paradigm to build endurance in organizations. She has conducted a variety of leadership, management, team and culture development programs. A participant of the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark Standards, she has also worked extensively in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

In 2017, Shireen founded Amwaj – one of her many entrepreneurial ventures –  with a vision to stream human development from the source to need. She is also a Founder and Advisor at School of Leadership, which is well known for its programs for the youth.

Shireen holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. She loves traveling and experiencing different cultures of the world.

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