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Fakiha Imran

An ICF-certified life and performance coach, EQi 2.0 practitioner and accomplished trainer, Fakiha personifies positivity and inspires everyone around her.

At Carnelian, Fakiha is known for her undying hunger for new challenges and her optimistic attitude towards the future – traits that allow her to thrive in difficult situations. She constantly strives to reinvent herself, and in the process lends a fresh perspective to discussions and assignments.

Fakiha is gifted with the ability to simplify complex management tools into palatable concepts. She effectively engages audiences across various organizational tiers for programs on topics such as personal enrichment, teamwork and collaboration, conflict resolution and integrated thinking. She is also a seasoned sales trainer, drawing on her vast professional experience including that as Director Sales and Marketing at Karachi Marriott Hotel.

In addition to training workshops, Fakiha has facilitated fast-paced, power-packed conferences and team retreats for larger audiences. She has also had the opportunity to coordinate Train The Trainer for Millicom in Sri Lanka, a program designed to prepare internal trainers in Millicom subsidiaries across South Asia.

With certifications from ICF (International Coach Federation) and EQi 2.0 (a psychometric tool), Fakiha is one of the few certified coaches and EQi 2.0 consultants in Pakistan. Her interest in coaching came from a desire to bring about sustainable change in people’s habits and from her own interest in self-directed approaches to personal development. As a coach, she makes regular appearances on media.

Hailing from Lahore, Fakiha is the embodiment of joy, energy and positivity.

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