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Fakiha Imran

In a world of cynicism, Fakiha is someone who believes in the power of living in the moment and making the most of opportunities.

In your first interaction with her, Fakiha will charm you with her poise, warmth, patience, sense of humor and her incredible belief in the potential of humanity.

At Carnelian, she is known for her undying hunger for new challenges and her optimistic attitude towards future possibilities – traits that allow her to thrive in difficult situations. She constantly strives to reinvent herself and in the process lends a fresh perspective to discussions and assignments. Her empathy and composure has earned her the title of ‘Pacifier’ at Carnelian.

As one of the few leading female Consultants of Pakistan, Fakiha has carved out a niche for herself, owing to her magical skill to connect with a diverse range of audiences. She is gifted with the ability to simplify complex management tools into palatable concepts, a skill she has acquired through her experience with top players in industries such as Hospitality, Investment and Trade, Education, and Consulting.

With certifications from Brain Based Coaching and EQi 2.0, Fakiha is also one of the few Certified Coaches and EQi 2.0 practitioners in Pakistan. Her interest in coaching came from a desire to bring about sustainable change in people’s habits and from her own interest in self-directed approaches to personal management.

She is a strong believer in the philosophy of ‘practicing what you preach’. Fakiha not only propagates her ideas at Carnelian but also effectively engages audiences for programs on Personal Enrichment, Managing and Developing Teams, Conflict Resolution and Integrated Thinking approaches. Her prior association with the Karachi Marriott Hotel as Director Sales and Marketing has lent her a wealth of experience, which she puts to good use in her professional engagements.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Lahore, Fakiha is the embodiment of joy, energy and positivity. She is currently based in Karachi, happily married and a mother of two.

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