NIDO FORTIGROW is one of the leading brands of Nestle worldwide. In Pakistan, it enjoys a similar position and is one of the top brands within Nestle Pakistan and is the market leader in powdered milk for children with a 66% plus market share. Nestle wanted to start the movement called “Nido Mission Nutrition” (NMN) and educate children and mothers regarding the importance of good nutrition and in doing so increase trial by recruiting new consumers to the Nido Fortigrow. It was all to be done in the limited time period first in Karachi, followed by rollout in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


Team of marketers, trainers and event managers at Carnelian got in touch with schools all across Pakistan. Once the schools and parents were on board the team started to run sessions in schools in most engaging manner. The objective of these sessions was to impart knowledge in such a way the information was retained in the minds of students and adults alike, who attended these sessions. In order to make it a widespread the students were encouraged to share the information gathered with other students and recruit them using social media. This was made possible with the help of branding gurus who developed ideas to make the theme engaging and trainers who gave engaging sessions using activities and lectures.


Carnelian enabled Nestle to use activities of NMN on various platforms to engage audiences at two different platforms. These platforms included social media and on ground engagements. The idea that started from only few days of engagements proved to be so successful that it lasted for about six months over two years. It not only gave NMN brand the connection with its audience that it was missing but also improved sales.