Muhammad Ali

Ali focuses on structures, dynamics and philosophies that have an impact on the workplace and individuals. His experience with diverse organizations and people has helped shape his unique view on leadership.

Muhammad Ali has been part of the training and development industry since 2004. He studies high performance and engagement in organizations and grounds his interventions in current research and classical management practices. His versatile training delivery is instantly recognizable as he engages his audience on intellectual and emotional levels. He switches seamlessly between English, Urdu, Punjabi and Seraiki in his training sessions to deliver his message. He especially feels energized when training frontline floor or sales staff.

Ali thrives in all training environments: from big conferences to small workshops and from planning to team building interventions. Topics such as problem solving, decision making, creativity, leadership, personal effectiveness, and emotional and cultural intelligence (diversity and inclusion) are Ali’s forte.

In his OD consulting practice, he focuses on talent development, design and delivery of assessment centres, 360-degree assessments and engagement studies.

Ali is the uncrowned champion of trivia at Carnelian and can hold a vigorous discussion on many a mundane topic. He also takes pride in his music collection and gets mildly offended if the participants of his sessions don’t like his playlist. Ali reads on topics such as psychology, anthropology, spirituality, sports and politics. His training influences include Shawn Achor, Etsko Schuitema, Nadeem Chawhan and Shireen Naqvi.

Ali is married and has a set of twin boys. He feels his boys are one of his greatest teachers and have taught him how to be playful and patient. He believes nearly all effective or ineffective human interaction centres around deep listening and that’s why he practices to be a key-note listener (a term coined by Henry Mintzberg).

He is a graduate of the LUMS MBA program and currently resides in Multan.

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