Nesvita is a premium Nestle brand for women, designed as the best solution to address calcium deficiency, an issue faced by women all around the world. The brand marketing strategy focuses on “Strength”.

Nesvita Women of Strength is one of our flagship projects. Focal point of the project brief received from brand was to create a nationwide campaign for college and university female students (16 – 24). Acquaint them with the brand philosophy and highlight significance of calcium to avoid osteoporosis, a physical condition much dreaded by women. Marketing objective was to escalate the product reach by defining it as a woman’s best friend.

We joined hands with Nestle to develop a thought provoking, emotionally invigorating campaign to reach out the fertile yet usually ignored minds of our female youth. Giving birth to Women of Strength was a delightful labor.


Being the OD consultants, our prime focus has traditionally been on corporate sector, stepping our foot into colleges and universities with a different set of audience and expectations was first of its kind for us but as they say purpose breeds passion, we excitedly became a member of Women of Strength trio  – Brand, Activation agency and us.

The campaign was run for three consecutive years (2011- 2013). 2-3 hours sessions were organized in renowned colleges and universities of metros – Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The session was woven around the concept of “Women of Strength”, a blend of physical, intellectual and emotional strength. Recognizing, owing and unleashing the power of choice. Essence of the engagement was to empower self to architect personal and professional edifice.

Sessions were followed by individual assignments as qualifying criteria to select most committed and promising candidates, who were then offered internships or individual sessions with mentors from different walks of life such as corporate, beauty, entrepreneurs etc


Women of Strength was very well embraced by usually the most neglected but integral part of our society. Goal setting exercise enabled young women to break out of their shells of fear, complacency, self-doubt and urged them to look at themselves with a fresher and more empowering perspective. Key success factor of the subject initiative was strength of connection; external connection with audience stimulated the internal journey to connect with self.