Social and community engagement has been part of Carnelian’s DNA since our founding. As part of this commitment, we wanted to leverage our presence across Pakistan to carry out a national level youth movement. Together for Tolerance aims to develop muscles of tolerance in all corners of Pakistan. 


We have taken our message where no other social movement has gone. Areas that were previously infested with the Taliban and saw extreme intolerance. Even the Swat Valley, the hometown of the youngest Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai.

We are setting up teams in 35 cities of Pakistan, covering all provinces and territories. These teams are made up of local youth who are passionate about the cause. These teams will promote tolerance through these three activities:

Travel, Internships and Exchange – between various regions of the country

Events – Seminars, theater, discussions, or anything else that promotes tolerance

Skill Building – Learning/teaching regional languages and building skills to take the message further


The first phase of the movement has garnered a monumentous response, with students from across the country becoming youth leaders of their regions. The first ever TFT Conference in September 2016 brings these leaders together for training.