Ayesha Nawab

A petite yet potent package, Ayesha packs a punch with her drive, ambition and focus. With her fierce commitment, untiring energy and results-driven approach, she unfailingly impresses everyone she works with.

She completed her Bachelors from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, and went on to work with Standard Chartered before becoming part of Carnelian. A go-getter, Ayesha does not rest until she has results to show. And giving up? Well, that’s an alien concept for her. She embodies the spirit of determination and does not balk before any challenge.

Her candid and enthusiastic nature helps her succeed as a Consultant and leaves a strong impression on her team members and clients. Ayesha has worked extensively with ICI, Shell, Crescent Steel and Engro Corporation and her areas of interest include Organizational Diagnostics, Competency-based Performance Management, Branding, and Project Management. Her recent assignments have included Women’s Tolerance Cricket League — a large-scale youth initiative that focuses on fostering harmony through sports — and the Pakistan launch event of Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), in which she focused on topics such as growth, teamwork and design thinking.

Ayesha likes to write and is also interested in the media industry; she wants to leverage these interests and skills to produce documentaries that focus on pertinent issues that impact society.

Haris Fudda

Haris’ energy drink is helping people in need, building communities, and doing good for the nation. He believes strongly in the idea that every individual is good; it’s just the mental state that needs cleansing every now and then, and he wishes to be the anchor of that boat.
Graduating from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2017 with a degree in Political Science, Haris worked at family textile business and helped set up a Dyeing Unit, after which he worked in the health sector, and later joined Carnelian. He is currently a client consultant and has worked extensively with Roche, Maersk, Matco, PSO, Al Karam, and many more. His areas of interest include team building, communication, sales excellence and coaching.
Haris’ vibrant nature, go-getter personality and willingness to learn everyday align perfectly with the Carnelian equation.
In his free time, Haris likes to meet people, spend time with family, read Urdu poetry, and explore different cities of Pakistan.