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Waleed Anwar

Waleed’s astute observation skills coupled with a knack for pattern recognition help him connect the dots where required, which in turn helps him draw a clear map for his clients & partners.

Waleed is passionate about instilling confidence in his audience to fight against all odds. He focuses on making a strong connection and a bond of trust with his audience, and aspires for them to become the remarkable entity they are destined to be.

Waleed’s strong association and love for Sufism, his quest for realism, together with his keen interest in research, makes him unique. He will question the strongest of beliefs, the dearest of values, and then dissect them one by one and show a different angle of these. In his latest quest for knowledge Waleed, has entered the world of Consultancy and Training.

He believes he can learn the ways of the corporate world and help decipher what it requires from talented individuals.He believes he can understand what drives the culture of organizations and help talented people understand the actionable behaviors required to succeed.

He has helped numerous firms with hiring, linguistic rectification, supply chain management, interview tactics and coaching so as to make sure that the message gets across clearly.

Waleed has recently worked with:

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