Waleed Anwar

Waleed’s infectious energy, astute observation skills and knack for pattern recognition help him connect the dots and imagine new possibilities.

Waleed is passionate about instilling confidence in his audience to fight against all odds. He focuses on making a strong connection and inspires all those he interacts with to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Waleed’s love for Sufism, quest for realism, and interest in research make him unique. He will question the strongest of beliefs and the dearest of values, and then dissect them one by one to show a different angle.

As a Facilitator, Waleed’s defining characteristics are his connection with the audience, innovative methodologies and infectious energy. He has led numerous training programs on team building, communication, hiring, supply chain management, interview tactics and coaching.

A born leader, Waleed is part of a number of international leadership programs, including the South East Asia Leadership Academy, FNF Freedom Gate and British Council Active Citizens. He is also a Mentor at the Start Up Hub at COMSATS.

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