The need for learning has never been as profound as it is presently. Not only do people want to learn new skills but also how to shed disempowering thoughts. It is in this context that we have been driving a learning movement in the nation to aid people to reach greater levels of effectiveness. Our entrenchment with clients; their anxieties, aspirations, history and context, enables us to design and deliver solutions that create the difference.

Learning is a core function at Carnelian. Our Trainers bring together diverse experience, skills and specialties so we can offer a complete range of Learning solutions to our partners. From skill-based trainings, cultural workshops, and team retreats, we have the experience and capacity to facilitate different kinds of audiences. Our pedigree is punctuated with the spirit of experimentation and we like to test the new to become even more effective.


Individual goals and organizational plans become that much more attainable when there is a guiding force pointing it in the right direction. Our Coaching practice combines renowned certifications and a pure human connect to achieve effective results.

We offer customized Coaching solutions that enable individuals to craft their paths to success and get there as well.

HR Consulting

It is imperative to understand organisations from a systems perspective and analyse what forces and dynamics aid them in their growth. Our Consulting teams ensure that we establish a well-rounded and well-founded understanding of our client organisations. Our areas of focus within the ambit of Consulting are surveys, researches and employee engagements. We also provide business consulting to SMEs on various operational and communication related angles.

We partner with clients to identify gaps between the current realities of the business and the desired results, and devise strategies to fill those gaps. In planning for the Future, we craft specific and implementable action plans. Our holistic process involves studying an organization, gathering relevant business insights, distilling data, deriving learnings and eventually designing effective solutions.

By conducting Needs Assessment and Sensing Exercises, Diagnostic Interventions, Organizational Scans and Vision, Mission and Values Mapping Exercises, we understand the situation and deliver custom-made solutions.

Customer Engagement

Being a Communication Consulting firm with strong roots in audience engagement, we regularly work with clients to activate their brand platforms and communicate effectively with customers. With a focus on storytelling, engagement and active participation, we design and execute activations with a unique approach.

In the recent past, we have partnered with Nestle Pakistan to craft activation sessions for Nido. Engaging school children with the message of healthy living and the importance of a healthy diet, we went to schools across the country over a project duration of more than a year. We have also partnered with Nestle Pakistan to roll-out a global health initiative in an ongoing project.

Psychometric Assessments

With a focus on Emotional Intelligence, our Psychometric Assessments practice offers internationally-certified testing and assessments. Our partnership with MHS Global enables us to offer these services in Pakistan.

According to the research Emotional Intelligence is defined as the ability to cope with day to day challenges. This definition means that EQ is something which can be learned and developed overtime. The elaborate, systematic process of EQi 2.0 ensures that the assessments are in-depth and ensure complete confidentiality of individuals’ results.

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We are committed to creating meaningful and purpose-driven branding, a craft that is inspired by and clearly communicates the core values of a brand. Stemming from this commitment, our approach to branding invites clients to look inwards and find what makes their brands special.

Working in close partnership with clients, we go on a journey of exploration to discover and define their place in the world. As Brand partners, our work focuses on identifying the crucial strengths and communicating them to all relevant people, internal and external, in a clear, compelling and inspiring way.

Working forwards from a clear vision, we craft authentic stories that share the brand’s ethos and ambitions with the world. We then tell these stories through the power of words and visuals, always ensuring that the brand idea remains centerstage.


Data and statistics are just numbers unless you bring out the stories hiding in them. We approach research with a communication angle: we aim to bridge gaps in narratives and understanding through fact-based, analysis-driven research.

Helmed by a team that has diverse experiences, our Research practice specializes in clarifying information and helping our partners make smart choices.


Our approach to Events focuses on two key elements: the people and the message. To ensure that the message reaches the people and the people embrace the message, we craft themes, communication strategies and engagement plans that engage and excite the audiences and achieve communication targets. Having a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and ambitions as well as full control over logistical and operational details, we are uniquely equipped to deliver world-class events.

The Carnelian team has a wealth of experience of successfully planning and executing high profile Product and Brand Launches, Internal Rollouts, and Conferences among other events.